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I have used some of these tips but I find the easiest way is to just visualize attracting money twice a day and spend it in your mind like you have it!
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Attracting money may seem daunting in this present credit crunch climate, but, as with all things and all times, there are some who are prospering and succeeding.  Why?  What makes them different from the crowd?

It’s all too easy to say, “Well, it’s alright for them, they’ve got money” but the reality is that that way of looking at things is actually the tail wagging the dog.  It’s having the right attitude that is the key to attracting money.

Hmm.  What’s an attitude?

Attitude is a combination of beliefs and values.  If you believe that everything always works out well for you, or that money always shows up, you will have a very different attitude from someone who is focussed on believing that these are very tough times for everyone, or that attracting money is only for the lucky ones or the hard workers.

The fact is, you have the ability to shift your beliefs, (we call it “changing our minds”), in a heartbeat.  When you do that, you focus changes.  Change your focus and you make different and new decisions.  Those decisions lead to new outcomes, and change starts to happen.  Eventually, your whole destiny is reshaped.

But there’s more.  As you begin to live from a positive attitude and a peaceful mind, you become more attractive to others too – and opportunities open up that wouldn’t have done to a negative person.

Life begins to flow and you have started to understand what attracting money is all about.  The short video I’ve included on this page will help you to understand in more depth.  Good luck, and as Mr. Spock would say, “Live long and prosper.”

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